Our Business

Lightstone invests, develops, and manages in all sectors of the real estate marketplace. We approach every project with the same purpose in mind: to create value for all parties.

Value-Add Strategy

We maintain one of the most diversified portfolios in the business, which helps us minimize risk. Where other investors see a “value” property, we see an opportunity to deliver higher returns.

We also have extensive experience acquiring and managing value-add properties. While other investors may be deterred by complexities and challenges such as distressed capital structures, Lightstone can navigate these obstacles with confidence, both in the United States and abroad.

Flexible Dealmaking

Lightstone draws on diverse sources of capital to finance projects. We participate in deals at all levels of the capital structure, from equity to preferred equity to debt. Lightstone believes that the best deals are often the simplest in terms of structure, but we are also highly creative at building complex transactions.

Hands-On Investing

Our in-house management team stays involved in an investment from start to finish. This includes validating a deal’s investment thesis, developing and implementing a sound operating strategy, managing properties on a routine basis, overseeing capital improvement projects, and continually examining disposition strategies to maximize returns.

Areas of Expertise